Let's get you started

My List Assist helps enables small business owners and freelancers to connect online. We’re based in New Zealand but provide an international service, so no matter where in the world you are we can help. 

If you’re a small business owner or individual looking for a freelance assistant, simply head on over to our home page where you can start searching for someone to help you right away. Or, if you’re a freelancer in need of a little extra work, just click our “Add a Listing” button to create your free listing straight away in minutes.

Here's a little more detail on how to create your listing

1. Choose your preferred plan option

The first step to creating your listing with My List Assist is to choose your preferred plan option.

Plan choices

We have three different plan choices available. You can sign up right away absolutely free on our free basic plan. This plan enables you to create a simple yet attractive listing and to start finding customers right away, or choose from one of our paid plans.

Paid plans

Looking for something with more features? Simply choose from one of our two paid monthly plans. Both plans offer a cost effective solution with loads of extra options such as the ability to add links to your social media pages, answer frequently asked questions, and to add tags to make your listing easier to find. Each plan is explained in further detail below.

2. Create your listing

Once you have chosen your plan it is time to create your listing using our simple and intuitive process. Absolutely no tech skills are required to create a listing on My List Assist. Simply follow our step by step listing creator through all the steps and you will have your listing looking sharp in just a few minutes.

All you need to do is to choose your service category, fill in the boxes our easy to use form, and add some attractive images to create a covering banner that makes your listing pop. You can even add a video for that little bit of extra pizzaz!

We recommend that you complete as much information as possible as this will not only make you easier to find, but will help potential customers to decide whether you are the person they need to assist them.

Claim your listing

3. Claim your listing

Once you have created your listing, the next step is to claim it. Anyone can create a business listing on My List Assist, so if someone has already listing your business for your (hooray for your super dedicated fans), just click the "claim listing" button and request to claim your listing.

Once you claim your listing your application will go through to our admin team for approval. We're normally pretty sharp at making approvals, but please do allow 48 hours before sending us a reminder.

We are looking forward to approving your listing soon, so click the add listing button today and we'll be checking out your services in no time!